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I learned to write

I have been rather quiet on these pages, lately. I have been working on another writing project.

I learned to write is a story about learning to communicate. Not as a 5-year-old, forming letters and words. But as a 25-year-old business consultant, a 35-year-old writing in the Financial Times and a 55-year-old teaching in business school.

I learned to write

I had a lot of fun creating the website and I’ve done my level best to ensure that readers can have at least as much fun reading it. The website is punctuated with links to many articles, news items and videos (not of me!) containing thoughts that reinforce the narrative. Videos on the site include content from Jerry Seinfeld, Greta Thunberg, Rachel from Friends, Tony Blair and a dance coach who prised his way onto the site through sheer force of his personality.

I do hope people who have enjoyed reading my material on this site will take a moment to look at I learned to write. It’s not just for entertainment: it’s also a helpful practical tool for people who want advice on writing or on public speaking.

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