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An unusual range of expert knowledge, intellectual rigour and playfulness in making us challenge our ideas.
Chris Kenny, Former Director of Regulatory Policy, Oftel

I have had extensive policy involvement over the past 25 years in the UK’s regulatory environment – from utilities to financial services, from professions to regulation of the press.

I have been retained as an adviser to develop policy and for my forensic experience, presenting economic and accounting evidence to the Competition Commission and other tribunals.

  • Often used as a sounding board for new ideas and to review documents before publication or submission as evidence to appeal bodies. For nine years, I was a member of the Director General’s Panel of Business and Economic Advisers at the UK’s first economic regulator, Oftel, during the transition to a competitive market.
  • Currently a member of Ofwat’s Water 2020 Advisory Panel and Ofcom’s Academic Panel
  • Recently advising the project team creating a regulator for the press compatible with formal recognition under the post-Leveson Royal Charter. Previously, I advised the Financial Reporting Council on the development of a conceptual framework for actuarial standards.
  • Previously  a guest columnist for the Financial Times on regulation and a Visiting Lecturer at City University, Department of Economics, on the MSc course in Economic Regulation and Competition.

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Examples from work in a regulatory context

Clients: past and present

Regulation Logos

  • Ofwat • Oftel • Ofgem • Ofcom
  • Financial Reporting Council
  • The Actuarial Profession
  • Community Pharmacy Action Group
  • Post & Telestyrelsen
  • The Impress Project


  • Adviser to project team for IMPRESS, the Independent Monitor for the Press
  • Member of Director General’s Panel of Economic and Business Advisers, Oftel
  • Adviser to a postal services company during the de-regulation of UK postal services
  • Past member of the Strategy & Policy Committee of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries
  • Adviser to Financial Reporting Council on creation of framework for regulating actuaries

Financial advice

  • BT’s price cap: general, technical and strategic advice to Oftel
  • Developing submissions during appeal of water company price caps
  • Treatment of utilities’ pension costs by Ofcom and Ofgem
  • Telecoms interconnection charges: setting principles and investigating charges
  • Resale Price Maintenance litigation: advice to retail pharmacy representative body

Research (see Articles page for more downloadable papers)

  • The Competition and Policy Implications of Regulatory Asset Depreciation, with David Currie and Martin Siner (1999) (download)
  • Being Actuarial with the Truth (2004) (download)
  • City University, Visiting Lecturer, MSc in Economic Regulation and Competition (1998-2000)