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I have embraced a portfolio-style career, with regulation, dispute resolution and clarity of communication central to much of my work: click to see my appointments.

Recently, I have devoted my time to consulting, teaching at business school, sitting on a disciplinary tribunal and chairing a private company. I also contribute as a guest columnist in newspapers and professional journals as well as a providing skills training for professional firms and financial services organisations. I maintain a personal blog on matters of the day that capture my attention.

In 2020, I launched the website, I learned to write, a story about learning to write.

I arrived at the current place in my career through an unusual route. In the 1980s, I set up one of the UK’s first forensic accounting and expert witness services. This experience taught me that convincing an external audience is often just as important as arriving at the right result in the first place. Sometimes it is even more important. My research into a reporting technique to win over clients and the courts – using the same words – proved even more valuable than I had imagined at the time. When I started consulting to economic regulators a decade later, I realised that my proposals could face instant challenge in the court of public opinion as well as detailed scrutiny in a court of law.

Always very thoughtful and has insights which go beyond what others have managed to understand.
Clare Spottiswoode, Independent Commission on Banking

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A downloadable career history is available here. You can email me or contact me by phone (020 7938 2600).

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