What people have said about me

Challenge and insight …

Chris Kenny, Chief Executive, Legal Services Board (formerly Director of Regulatory Policy, Oftel)
“Intellectual rigour and playfulness in making us challenge our own (and others’) received ideas. A really valuable and stimulating colleague.”

Sue Sharpe, Chief Executive, Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee
“An incisive independent analysis, exposing the foundations of each side’s case. Robust development of arguments to address the issues, identifying weaknesses and ensuring we built the most coherent and resilient case possible.”

George Leggatt QC, Brick Court
“Simon was a vital member of our client’s litigation team in one of the longest and most complex trials which has ever taken place in the Commercial Court.  He played a key role in enabling lawyers and experts to work effectively with each other and in developing winning strategies for the case.”

… getting to the heart of a matter …

Nigel Macdonald, Director, Coca-Cola Hellenic, and formerly a senior partner in Ernst & Young
“Simon brings a remarkably clear mind to whatever he does. But that is not all. He is alert to the “people” issues as well as the intellectual ones. He looks for the reasons why a situation has arisen and the factors that shape it. This is critical to his regularly achieving successful outcomes. I have enjoyed working with him.”

Thomas Dumont QC, Radcliffe Chambers
“Simon is recognised for his incisive mind and as an excellent communicator. But, perhaps more importantly, he sees the big picture.”

… with strategic and analytic rigour …

Dawid Konotey-Ahulu, Redington Investment Consultants
“Simon is razor sharp and ruthlessly logical. A great intellect.”

Clare Spottiswoode, Member, Independent Commission on Banking
“I have worked with Simon over many years, often seeking his wise counsel and advice, particularly in areas of regulation and the actuarial world where I am less familiar with the issues.  He is always very thoughtful and has insights which go beyond what others have managed to understand.”

… and collegiate

Jeremy Goford, Past President, Institute of Actuaries
“Simon was a constant throughout my Presidency: from his translation of my thoughts into a Presidential address to his facilitation of key meetings to enable the realisation of the programme.”